bare floor installationWood floors add value and beauty to your home, but with any major improvement you should expect some disruption and inconvenience. We will employ our experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the least possible disruption. However, you should be aware of the following factors:

Installation Expectations

  • wood floor constructionThere will be sawing, hammering and other noise during installation.
  • There is not usually a great deal of dust, however, if it is a concern please take precautions.
  • Allow approximately 14 days after installation is complete before sanding and finishing begin.  You may walk on the floors during this time.  Installation times vary depending on size and scope of the project.

Each Stage Of A Project

Please read the following to help you better understand what happens during each stage of the project.


Upon scheduling you will need to inform us of how we will gain access to your home. Some people drop keys by our office at 6001 Teague. Other customers hide keys on the jobsite. Remember, it is not necessary for anyone to remain at the home during the project, however, please feel free to stop by at any time. If you have any questions or concerns at anytime during the project please call us at 713-461-7060. Also, make sure that we are aware of alarm or security codes.


cat sitting on hardwood

Pets should be kept out of the areas we are working in for the duration of the project. Some pets are sensitive to some of the finishing products and should be kept away!


We are not responsible for housecleaning. We do try to keep the dust to a minimum however, you may need to clean up upon completion of the project. We do offer a DUST REDUCTION SANDING system. If you are interested, please let us know. If you have a cleaning service come in, have them do nothing to your floors.


hardwood padding installationIn some cases there will be a need for paint touch ups. Usually the baseboards will need to be touched up and on occasion, the walls. Be aware that some of these marks can be removed with a multipurpose cleaner (such as 409).  Be careful not to overspray onto the floors.  All Brite is not responsible for paint touch ups.


worker installing hardwoodThe furniture must be removed from the area in which the floors will be installed. Sometimes slab preparation is necessary to smooth your slab enough to give you a successful installation.  In some cases there is no slab prep needed.  The price quoted does not include slab smoothing unless otherwise stated in the contract. A smoothed slab must dry overnight before allowing traffic. Once the slab has been prepared we will begin the installation. In most cases the installation does not create a lot of dust, however, if it is a concern please take precautions. (covering furnishing with sheets or hanging plastic sheeting) Some installations require removal of baseboards. The price quoted does not include replacement of baseboards unless specified in the contract.

Once your floor is installed you can walk on it as well as move furniture back on it, in about 1 or 2 days.

Job finished Installation- You can live on your floors as you normally would until sanding.

Prefinished Installation- Upon the installation of shoemold your project should be completed.


small hardwood squaresThis process takes a minimum of three days depending upon size and layout of the project.  Check with the office for details on the finishing schedule.  Floors should not be walked on during most of this time.

Finishes produce odors that some people are sensitive to.  Opening the house 3 to 5 hours after coating helps the odor dissipate as well as dry properly.

Plastic will be hung to isolate the dust the best we can, however you will notice some dust will escape the area we are working in.  We hang plastic with stick pins because tape can remove paint.  Please keep in mind that this is a major project and we will do our very best to make it as little as an inconvenience as possible.


The first coat of wax is a sealer coat, it must dry overnight. After applying the wax (the final coat) you can walk on your floors in a few hours.

However, we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before moving any furniture on it.


The screen and coat process is a light sanding to rough up the poly so that a coat of poly finish will stick to the surface. It produces a light amount of dust, and usually can be completed in one day. It is however necessary to do a test spot before each screen and coat to insure that the poly will be accepted.


All furniture to be placed on your wood floors should have floor protector pads on areas that touch the floor. Standard procedure on any wood floor finish is to keep the dirt and grit swept off. Many find that using a commercial size dust mop makes sweeping faster & easier. It is very important to keep your floors well swept; dirt and grit act as sandpaper with your feet, causing a wear pattern much faster. We will provide you with a hardwood floor maintenance sheet for the type of finish you have, if we do not, please contact the office so that we may get one to you.

Poly Maintenance

dust floor hardwoodA floor wipe kit for general cleaning which includes a mop and a special liquid formulated for your wood floor with a poly finish can be purchased at our office. Poly is your protective coating. When you start to notice dullness or scratching it is time to recoat. Depending on the traffic it could be anywhere from 3 to 7 years. Kitchens, halls, entryways, etc., usually need it sooner where some of your formal rooms that you don’t use as often, may not wear out as quickly.


new hardwood installationThe building should be completely closed in, with outside windows and doors in place.

All wet trades (drywall, paint, ceramic tile, etc.) should have completed their work. 

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems should be operating. 

The temperature and relative humidity should be at “normal living conditions". 

Furniture and appliances should be removed from rooms where wood flooring is to be installed.


hardwood floor sandingThere will be noise, dust, and some fumes during the sanding & finishing process. Even though we seal off the work area from other rooms, dust from the sanding could infiltrate to other areas of the house.

Because of fumes that will be released during the floor finish application, pilot lights must be turned off.

Albrite Floors offers an optional dust reduction sanding system which reduces 90% of airborn dust.

Please keep pets away from work areas.

A typical finish job (500 to 700 sq.ft.) takes two (2) days of sanding, with stain applied on the second or third day. Finish is applied on the fourth and fifth days. You may not walk on the floors while stain and finish are wet.

Allow 24 hours for these finishes to dry. When the work is completed, you may need to repaint your base and shoe moldings. Also, be prepared to remove the fine dust that may have accumulated, despite our best efforts to contain it.

After the job is completed, your estimator or a superintendent will go over the job with you on site. Maintenance procedures will be reviewed and items not to your satisfaction will be corrected.


wood tile floorAll furniture and breakables need to be removed from the areas we are working in before we arrive at the jobsite. Our employees are not trained, professional movers and we will not be responsible for any damage to furniture. Grand & Baby Grand pianos, as well as grandfather clocks, should be moved and perhaps stored by professional moving companies that specialize in things such as this. Upon completion of your project, we recommend waiting a minimum of three (3) days before moving furniture in and 1 week before putting rugs in place.


Cash, check and Visa/MasterCard are accepted. All prices quoted include a cash discount, if you prefer to use a charge card, please add 5%. Down payments are due on or before the start of the job. You can mail the check to the office if time allows, drop it by during business hours or leave the payment for our to crews to bring in. Terms are stated on your contract and should be either 50% down-Balance upon completion or 1/3 down-1/3 upon installation-Balance upon completion. Please advise the office of your plans regarding payment. Thank you!

Plumbing Fixtures

padding hardwood installationInstallation at times also requires the customer to remove plumbing fixtures. If it is necessary to remove any plumbing fixtures, we are not responsible for the replacement of these fixtures. A few of these fixtures are listed as follows: Refrigerator with an ice-maker, Toilet, Pedestal sinks, Dishwasher, Washers, Dryers, etc. Installation at times also requires us to remove the outdoor threshold. We are not responsible for the replacement of exterior thresholds. When it is necessary to replace the exterior threshold we advise our customers to contact one of several weather-stripping companies:

Hoelscher 713-869-6466
Seybro 1-800-345-2791

Let them know you are having a wood floor installed by All Brite Floors and you need your exterior threshold replaced.


Your stain color is chosen with the crew, on the job, during the sanding process. We will need to schedule a time to meet them there.Let them know what shade you are considering (dark, light, brown, reddish, golden, etc.) This will give them a color to start with and they can adjust it from there. After the stain is applied it needs to dry overnight. You will need to inspect and approve the color before it is coated. Finishing- After your floor is stained we will apply the finish you have chosen.


small tiles hardwoodOnce the first coat of poly has been applied the color cannot be adjusted. Each coat of poly must dry overnight.
**Note** a change in weather or insufficient air flow can delay the drying process. We will not coat a floor that is not completely dry. After the final coat of poly, you should be able to walk on it in 24 hours.

However, we recommend that you wait at least 3 days before moving any furniture on it.

Wax Maintenance

Wax customers should purchase a small buffer. Buffing a wax finish is a cleaning process. It brings dirt to the surface (for removal with a dust mop) and removes scuff marks. Wax is the protective coating and should be buffed as you would vacuum carpet. Also, wax should be added regularly to maintain this finish. You can always add paste wax to any dry area, however, we recommend you to have the floors professionally waxed every 6 months. Ask about our maintenance contract.


  • Floor wipe kits
  • Floor cleaner refills
  • Floor protective pads 1"
  • Floor protective pads 2"
  • Replacement head for mop

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